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What You Need

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Music Consultancy

Our team has musicians who have been in the field for more than a decade. Their expertise and experience will help you in every step towards enhancing the quality of your song.

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Marketing & Promotion

Each musical piece has to be promoted and marketed in a way that it reaches a larger audience. We will formulate intensive marketing and promotional plans for your product and execute them efficiently.

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This process is one of the most important parts of getting an audience for a musical piece as the correct channel of distribution can make your song THE SONG that changes your career.

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Our production services speak quality and excellence. We will connect you to the best people in the production sector who will match your expectations and provide you with the best experience.

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Strategic Planning

The release of a song should showcase the excellence of the music as well as the artist. We will help you in planning and executing the strategic road map of your releases, and be with you in every step

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Artist Branding

Creating a brand has become more important than ever. We will help you in marketing your song as a brand. From photo shoots to themes for social media teasers, we will help create a brand that will leave an everlasting impact.

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Radio Pitching

Imagine your song being played every time a person tunes into a radio station. We will do this for you. We will find ways to make your song famous among the top radio channels.

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Artist PR

An artist’s work doesn’t end with just getting a song released. Our well-planned PR activities will help you create your niche audience and find a space in their hearts and not just in their playlists.

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Recording Services

Finding a perfect recording studio and organizing everything can be a task, sometimes. We will ensure that you don’t have to stress on this so that you can focus on your work completely.

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Overall Artist Management

An artist/performer becomes a celebrity only when he/she has a team that makes the process a smooth ride. We will manage everything to solidify your musical career and beyond.

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