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Music transcends all boundaries, and connects to the soul. With MD Music, we aim to spread this power of music. We are a Gujarat-based Record Label Company and are aimed at providing a platform for young talented musicians. With the goal in mind to produce and promote great music, we provide services like Music Consultancy, Strategic Planning and Marketing & Distribution.
With our team members experienced in creating, composing and producing music, recording, music marketing and artist management, we have created a space where musicians of all genres can find a secure and strong ladder to success and fame

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Meghdhanush is a rock band that has been creating, composing and producing original music for more than a decade. They are pioneers in the independent music scene of Gujarat.

Legato Labz

Legato Labz is a recording studio which provides service like recording-mixing songs, background scores & other audio-related services to people from the film industry and independent music scene.

Stellar Talent Management

Stellar Talent Management is a talent management company that focuses on branding and marketing of an artist as a celebrity. It helps artists create their niche and find a loyal audience.

Ahmedabad-based companies Meghdhanush, Legato Labz and Stellar Talent Management have come together to act as a catalyst in helping great music reach its rightful audience, and help musicians live their dream!

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Jainam Modi


Karan Patel


Ishrat Kalavant


Priyesh Mehta

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Vatsal Patel

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Samarth Pancholi

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